03 March 2011

nothing to see here, move along

really.... nothing worth noting... nothing good anyway, and i dont wanna be a debbie downer, so we'll skip the gory details from work today.

in other news i got my sling in from VIKING TACTICS i opted for the "wide" which is also padded, which is pretty nice to have rather than a 1" web digging into my neck when im runnin around, ive got nice padding, and a bit wider strap right around the neck area. shipping was quick with these guys too.

Also picked up ON SALE even a 3/30 round mag pouch from GREY GHOST couldnt be happier with it, it arrived today, all my mags fit (two tango-downs, and one Pmag)

so lookin at the weather report, this weekend is looking fantastic to get out and use all the new equipment. gonna "break" in the AR "correctly". it'll be slow goin, but i think it will be worth it, i was informed of this method by a guy who has had many many ARs, so i'll take it to heart. here's the process (many people do this only with chromemoly, or stainless barrels, some do it with chrome lined... mine is chrome lined, and im gonna do it) clean the barrel well before shooting, shoot one, clean barrel again, shoot another one, clean, shoot, (do it bout 5 times) then move on to shoot 2, then clean, then two again, then clean (some repeat all the way up to ten or more, heck i dunno,) but im just gonna follow the advise up til the first five then blast the crap outta it!!!


  1. Nice pea shooter! Get her dirty!

  2. oh i plan on it!!! the dirtier and hotter the better!!!

    Thanks for readin!!