04 March 2011

Mmmmmmm javajavajavajava

Tonight was a good night. I got a reimbursement check, (for me having to buy boots for work) so crystal and I went out on a date. Then we went to target to peruse around, and I finally came across a burr mill (coffee grinder) all I have been able to find in town had been blade style grinders.

Why the eff does a 26 y/o hick from AZ need a coffee grinder for? cuz i wanted one, mainly. Mostly due to the fact I got some awesome KONA coffee from a BBQ BRETHREN member who roasts his own fresh (green) coffee beans. I'm glad I did cuz this stuff is good. Its 10pm as I write this sipping away ay this black goodness, no more sugar, or cream NEEDED for this guy,(used to not be able to stand black coffee) as I started three or so weeks ago slammin the stuff black(coffee in general, I just got the KONA a few days ago)

I plan to grind up a bit and share it with my ma, she seems to have had a wide variety of coffees.



  1. You need two burr grinders, one for rub and one for coffee, trust me, you can not use one for both tasks.

  2. i thought about that today, as well....due to the fact that i tried to clean out the grinder... and it still smells of coffee.... wouldnt be good if it was all garlicy when i reput coffee thru it