06 March 2011

sucktastic... ish... we'll go with that

day started out fine went to church, had lunch, and even talked crystal into going with me when i went shooting... but before that my phone spazzed out, so i had to hard reset it, (totally wipe it and erase everything i had on it and junk) all because the stupid thing decided it didnt want to connect to wifi anymore... stupid android... it would be fixed if samsung, and android would lean on ATT to get the 2.2 version out... buuuuuuuutttt noooooo fark em....just one more thing to add to the pot to not go back to att when it's done....

right we went, well got on our way....welll started to... then the garage door farked up.... the wire popped offa it's roller, so the door got all crooked and what not... i should have listened... it was an omen.... but im stubborn.... off we went after fixing that, to the shootin spot "the gravel pit"... being it was 5 by the time we got out there, i figured it would be pretty empty... boy was i wrong... and boy was it bad... dudes were shootin crossways from each other (perpendicularlike)... dudes were shootin towards a road.... only a small group of well trained guys were out there, shootin against a good backstop, with DESERT behind it.... so i bounced from there heading to another spot which i had never shot before, but am glad i did.

Hunter canyon, has a nice lil spot, and come summer time, i think i will frequent it often and for long periods of time,(which is a big thing in AZ, to have a place you can actually stand to spend hours hangin' and shootin IT'S HOT, and SUN burns) the place is in a nice little clearing, where ya shoot at a hill... not very big area... i think maybe at the most ya could get 75 yards... but for plinkin it's good times.... would be great to have a picnic and shoot for a day.

sounds like a good time right.... it was...for 3 shots... crys seemed to be havin a bit of fun, enjoyin the nature of it all, takin pics and videoing me. i was happy... then it happened.... after the third shot i was breakin it open to clean the barrel (remember shoot clean, shoot clean shoot clean.... )and paaachiiiing out flies the detent that's supposed to hold the pin from coming out.... buhbye...and buhbye happieness....then i gently popped out the other one... and click mutha popped out too.....i was at the least pissed.... so i packed it up... and started to head home when i realized that it wasnt my only gun duh, i had the .45, so i blasted 26 of them down range and then headed to the truck.....and home...to bed...


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