05 March 2011

im sick you're sick everybody's sick sick

ive got it, Jene's got it Crystal's startin to get it, her pops and mom has it.... it's miserable...

what i need is fresh air, was gonna go get some today while shooting but plans changed and for the better i needed a relaxing day just what this was.

Tomorrow was gonna go shootin with at least ONE sis, but squandered those plans when i showed her a dirtbike ( she's been lookin for one for a few weeks now), so instead of spending quality time with her big brother, she's goin to check out this bike, and im glad! i hope she get's it!!

but im still goin shootin tomorrow, just where is the question... could be out at the gravel pit... up in hunter canyon... out past the border patrol checkpoint hmmm... doesnt matter, as long as i get to burn some powder-n-lead.

wish me luck in trying to get crystal to come with me (she's never been shooting... just not interested at all as she has no like of guns at all)... but cant say i havent tried



  1. Sorry to ditch ya hoss. But we'll fer sure have to plan something for weekend next. It will give me time to get some gunpowder and lead of my own.

  2. Don't be I'm glad I found it for ya! Ya better git it ;)