08 March 2011

Tuesday gone with the wind

no, i wont be singin tonight, be thankful!!, but tuesday is gone, and for that im thankful. not a bad day today which is good for me. weather is blech... windy... didnt get above 70 but hoping it will warm up for the weekend, i want to get out and go shooting again this weekend.

contemplating something meaningful tonight.... and it's just not there... in this drug induced blah ness.... as i have had the same cold...or crap what ever it's been that the sisters Stewart and White have dealt with in some way or another, finally decided to get some antibiotics just in case it's somethin else... on top of being on sudaphed ....just plain blech....

while im writing this i have been listenin to the THE BBQ CENTRAL RADIO SHOW (yeah WATCHING) a radio show.. it's good stuff!!

welllllllll...... as there is nothing to note, im gonna bounce...you know what's next...


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