02 March 2011

Whats cookin wednesday?!

Hey again y'all, its wed again time for WHAT'S COOKIN WEDNESDAY.

Tonight I wanted to do up some sausage, we picked up some on sat when we went to frys, not the hillshire farms presmoked stuff, rather some of the "fresh" stuff they have behind the meat counter, and I'm glad I did

One thing I learned before I started to cook, not to smother the previous smokes fire, then reuse the remaining coals...id perty much equate it to what my smoker friends say happens to them when they can only partially smoke a cancerstick, when they light it back up they say it tastes like crap. Well that's what happened tonight, the smoke was crap..usually when I light GROG up within 30 min I get sweet smellin blue smoke, not tonight...it was all nasty til I just said screw it and let the fire take off and do its thing....and boy was it a fight

Long story short fire sorta calmed down sausages cooked good throwed on some pig candy and a meat hunk of ground beef, so here's hopin I can git some positive feedback from work


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