01 March 2011

What does the future hold???

Today, as i worked, rather complicit, in that i wasnt hating my job at the moment, i got to thinking what the future holds... "this mechanic thing aint so bad...." could i do it forever... i dont know... the over at BBQ BRETHREN a post popped up as a get to know your brothers thing, and along the lines of "whats your job, and do you like it" and there are many mechanics responding to the same feelings i have, except it took them a bit longer to learn they didnt appreciate the job anymore, didnt appreciate the title...

then i got home, kicked off my boots TWINGED my farkin ankle when i did.... and sat down and checked to see if my sisters had anything profound to say, or to show me (the older twin takes fantastic photos) and the younger twin had very much a profound quote pop into her day VIA a 365 day calender, so i thought i'd share.

The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

she had mentioned (which you would know if you clicked the hyperlink that i gave you) "How often do I find myself just existing... not living?"

my answer is very often... im stuck at this job... cuz there is nothing else in this town, so i exist in this job.

I am not a drinker...(not that you ahve to be to go out and have fun) so i dont go out much... cuz around everyturn there is someone who drinks, find's it necessary to have fun that way.. snot my cuppa tea, dont much like being around it it's effed up a lotta peoples' in my life, lives.

there's that...then again like Jene said... that ever looming sense of failure.... i want to jump head first into the BBQ biz, but ...what if i Flop, what if my job (there's that crappy job again) doesnt like that i am putting effort into the BBQ...what if people just dont like the food... i had my first experience with that last week when i smoked up them chicken quarters... this town is SOOO lacking BBQ... that the look of the bird turned the dudes at work off... then when i did get one guy to try it, he didnt KNOW how to eat it... am i gonna run into that across the board?? i cant fault the people... this is southern Arizona... DOMINATED by mexican food, i am worried that it's gonna be a tough market to crack...

With all that worry in the last paragraph... when the flame hits the wood, all my doubts go up in smoke (pun intended) like gardening, when im cookin my worries seem to disappear. I can do this i think. and then when i take that first taste.... I KNOW i can do it.

The next step is for me to start saving money.... (here comes the but... the crappy job), but it's just not there to save! So what do i do... i saw one company out of CO that made a video youtube or whatnot... that was a sales pitch for people to invest in them... i dont think i want to lean that way...but do i look for a partner?? maybe not a longterm full partner, i want this to be MINE, but someone that has something i need and will long term lend it to me, or understand what i am trying to accomplish and pay them back for the something i needed... i dont know, but i need to know, because there is no way that i can come up with an accurate business plan, that a bank would hand me over that capital i so dearly need to get the equipment to sustain a business.

well thanks for stickin it out with me today, do me a favor and go check out my sisters, (not like that you perv) follow them links i popped up, they have some good stuff to say.



  1. Nice post Kevin.


  2. I suggest you find a place where people know how to eat a chicken. It is not that hard to do. Having a partner is one way to move forward in starting a business. But, you need to be aware that the money man often calls the shots. My personal read is that you need to get a better handle on the market and how folks will react.