05 April 2011


i should stop talkin about it, so that none of you find my secret spot... i shouldnt post this pic showin you the pond either... but im gonna

this is it, Gravel Pit Pond, or from now on GPP, it's out in garden canyon on fort huachuca, and it's nothin but a water catchment pond nowwa days, when it rains it fills up, the fort doesnt care about it anymore, (which i think is a big mistake, but that's another story)

....ok so i started down around the south of the (upper) pond and i have been workin counter clockwise (just working the pond) seeing where the fish are/ arent. today i was here see the dot??? that's me wearing an orange shirt... no not really.... cmon wake up... it's only tuesday...
Most of the water (continuing counter clockwise) is almost gone, given a few weeks i should be able to walk over to that bigger island there, and that should be good spot from there. but today, is about the orange spot.

still mostly bluies hittin, and hittin hard, today i got 10-14... i cant really recall fer sure, but again a mixture of teeenny tiny bitty baby bluies, to tiny bluies.... even got a yellow belly catfish. that guy was a total different fight, kinda fun, but he too was a little bitty mutha...shutyomouth.

the wind was kickin today, but since GPP is below the .... horizon the wind wasnt too bad for me didnt affect the fishin at all, and was decent weather... i prefer way less... but it kept me cool at least.

last set of pics here are for you Craig, here's some pics of the pond showin it's not tiny tiny, but it's def not a lake..

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