06 April 2011

WHATS COO....awww eff it...

WHATS COOKIN WEDNESDAY, is canceled this week, do to the fact that IDGAF....

things just either go my way... or dont, mostly dont though... and this week it's off to a not goin my way sorta weekend (as of right now)...i got good news at work, but then before i even turn around from that the knife is in my back showing me the true colors of my employer, and the US govt...you are given an unrealistic deadline, then get months taken off the front end, then they (the USG) rob months off the back end and STILL expect you to meet their ridiculous deadline....DOUCHBAGGERY i tell you...to the t...(oh wait there is no t in Dbaggery... ) TO THE G.

outta the fryin pan into the fire they say....now it seems i gotta work like a whore in mexico to keep my job... but as one wise man said to me, "if you are gonna git effed, might as well get paid" tru, thanks for that.

which brings me to my next thing, WHY does ANY employer out there think that THEY cannot be replaced. they think and expect for you to lay down and take it when they have that DO IT OR ELSE attitude. why is it that the management doesnt have to suffer the same as the workforce, if my fat butt has to be at work on the weekend, WHY THE EFF isnt that same manager there (my immediate managers are top notch by the way, it's the effin business side of the house that is FARKED and i wont shed a tear when the new contract comes in and kicks em all to the curb after all they are the ones that put me in this situation.)it's the same attitude that this FARKED up GOVT administration has with its commie healthcare ish... "YALL gotta take it where we stick it, but we'll do our own plan, oh yeah and we dont make enough money, so we gave ourselves a raise to boot" it's farked and anyone that cant see it...YOU'RE FARKED in the head too.

but like any good sheep, if im told to do what im told to do i'll do it...it's farked up, but i'll do it, i wont be happy in the least, but i'll do it, because i DO need the job....JOB.... this is all this place turned into... used to be something i thought i could career... but EFF THE GOVT...they are so wrapped around trying to stab someone in the back to make themselves look better...that im done with it...

i need to drop the clutch and stick the BBQ BIZ idea into high gear, be the boss of my own dream.


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