22 April 2011

friday, is the day

the day before saturday (the last day of the work week lately). hopefully the last saturday, so i can have my weekends back, the OT has been nice.... but it still goes towards bills so i end up in the same boat...

but i was able to find a great deal on a PSE bow, it's a stinger model from a couple years ago, but it's my start, and it was a good deal, got the bow and a few arrows, so now gotta get practicing with it, and get used to it, so that i have my back up if i either dont get a rifle hunt, or get skunked again this deer hunting season.

tomorrow i should be rockin out, as i picked up a set of speakers that i can plug the phone into, (or any other music source) and keep on keepin on, dig it?? so hoping that will let the day go a lil bit faster, we'll see....


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