21 April 2011


Tonight we headed out to THE LONGHORN RESTAURANT (not steakhouse, that's totally different) in the town too tough to die TOMBSTONE, AZ. As usual, it wasnt the greatest i have ever had, but it didnt disappoint.

(photo co. of douglas johnson via his flikr accnt Carolinadoug)

a lil history lesson brings you around to the fact that "THE LONGHORN RESTAURANT
is the oldest continually operated restaurant in Tombstone. An historical building, The Longhorn Restaurant is located in what used to be the Bucket of Blood Saloon, the Holiday Water Company, and the Owl Cafe and Hotel. Virgil Earp was shot from the second floor." hmmm imagine that.

Tonight i tried the Beef Back Rib dinner, and they were good, verydang good actually. Nice and meaty, and the Longhorn's BBQ sauce is a nice change from the other Que sauces i have had, (way better than kraft, not as good as BIG BUTZ BBQ sauce.) The meal was big enough that it is served on a 14in (or so i guess) pizza plate, besides the ribs i chose to have mashed taters, which the Longhorn doesnt disappoint in the tater dept either, using yukon Golds, (one of my fave taters), there was also a nice bit-o slaw, and a hunka corn on the cob, all in all if you are in the area, The Longhorn Restaurant, is def worth it!


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