19 April 2011


Que the jeopardy music.... cuz i dont know what the heck im gonna do when i grow up...cuz around everycorner there is something i could see myself doin....

i guess i'd just like to be a jack of all trades master of none, well that's what it's turnin out to be...except that stinkin mechanicking thing, i guess you'd say ive got that thing down perty goot.

This week i'd like to be able to master semi master video editing. i have a few videos over in my YOUTUBE you should go check em out, they are my bit of fun. however i'd like to take them to the next level. i stepped up to the HD game at least, and did a good bit of "creative" editing and what not, but they still are NOTHING what top level even entry level "professional" vid editing gurus do. I want to make great videos, that the content AND the quality can keep people interested long enough to get thru the finish, and then come back to get s'more later.

i would like to make a name for "Brothers Shooting Sports" which is what i have named all my shooting videos in the series. maybe i should get that trademarked JIC (that's just in case ) i ever hit it big with that name... but i cant make it big with lack luster videos, boring stuff set to music that doesnt fit. it just doesnt work...

but that's my dream for today... one day i'll get a decent camera, and i'll get decent software to handle it all, and i'll be on top, of my little world at least...fer a minit!!!


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