18 April 2011

music makes everything better

i have realized that at work something is missing, i used to have tunes on me, or near when i was in highschool where ever i went. but since i turned mechanic, there are soo many thing's that i NEED to hear above the music that music has really slipped outta my life (except on the way places and whatnot)

i havent bought a cd in i dont know how long, i dont have an MP3 player of anykind, no ipod, so i havent bought any music in a long time!

along comes lovely pandora, i can get it on my phone so the last couple of days, i have been jammin out with the headphones in... but again being a mechanic gets in the way, and the headphones are always a PITA, gettin snagged, on this and that, pullin outta my ears when that happens... real PITA....

so im thinkin that i am gonna get some kinda speaker system for work (and a charger for the phone) so i can rock out... next i gotta figure if i just want a set of computer speakers, or some kinda boom box deal with a aux input.... research is upon me.



  1. Just remember whilst you're rocking out.... 40 hours go by quick. Then you're stuck with stony silence until the beginning of next month!! :)

  2. I'm looking at finally getting a dock for my ipod so I can charge and play music at the same time.