15 April 2011


the smell of a chocolate cake baking, almost as good as sweet blue rollin outta the smoker, but equally de-lish-US end result.

Crystal is doin a cake experiment right now, seems that the beaters she has been using the past year have goofed up her cakes...but last week she did some initial testing with a set of old (flat) beaters

kinda like these i found a pic of from ( thebutterflyjungle )

on her scotch cake, it poofed up to where it used to be sparking he thinking that it might be the beaters the whole time...if that's the case, these things are evil....

if it turns out that the beaters are what were giving my loverly wife so much trouble... that will just be crazy... we had been thinkin that the oven was on the fritz, the pans were junk, the elevation was screwin with us... her.... it would just be crazy!!!

im just glad BBQ isnt that picky, it can picky, and IM picky bout it, but in general BBQ is pretty forgiving unless somethin major (big flare up) happens then ya gotta deal with a crisp riblet... but she's good at the baking, im decent at the QUE, together we make a pretty decent spread, and here's to oneday turning that into a profitable and successful business.


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