14 April 2011

I can walk too....

But when I walk, so does my rifle. I do so for a purpose. Some peoples thing is to walk their butts off around three blocks and what not. And I tip my hat to them. That's their deal, I can't do it, but give me an open desert, and its on. Give me my rifle and a desert, and were both walkin.

Today joe (the same guy that I went fishin with the other day) and I went and took our AR s out for a walk. We were trying to find some sort of mammal, namely rabbits, or 'yotes (that's coyotes to you) but we were unsuccessful in our attempts, thus the walk. It was prolly a good 5 miles or so thru the desert, along the wash, thru the wash, up, down and around. And it was good times.

We didn't end the night w/o shooting though, we suck up some cans and shot em up, and learned that my EO tech can take out a coffee can at 100yds, but not sighted in close enough to readily pop soda cans, so I need to hit the range and dial it in smore.


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