01 April 2011

more fishin, great fishing

i hit the fishin hole again today after work, and today, and it was much more productive, i guess you'd call it that. I caught more fish, i caught 20 or so in the 2 houRS i was there anyways.

these guys were not eatable... too small, and i dont trust the water... as "there is no fish in that pond" they dont do water testing, to see if mercury is too high or other stuff like that.... so i have no plans to eat any of em, just catch and release em, that's cool.

they were ranged in size from a three finger fish (three of my fingers tall, and about the same length) all the way up to hand sized fish... so by the end of summer, they should be decent sized, IF big IF people dont find out about it.... and we get a lil rain to keep the thing filled up. here's hopin!!!


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