31 March 2011

it's wednesday....errrr...well for me at least....

it's not so bad this time having to work saturday, (since i volunteered to do so) but it still sucks since i could be fishing.... or something of the like.... but maybe, it'll just be a good smooth work day, and be over before i even know it...( i doubt it, but why not live in dream land???)

spring is here, (has been for a while now) and im just starting to notice it. the weather has been great, and it's time to get the garden goin again. Which.....im not lookin forward to.... it's not the manual labor of the garden itself.... it's the repercussions from using the horse poo as manure last year... they have a very very VERY FREAKIN VERRRRRRY ineffecient digestive system, that doesnt AT ALLLLLL kill the seeds of the food that they had eaten.... in my case, bermuda grass.... it took over the garden area....that's what im not lookin forward to... at all... i hate horses... stupid...horses...walking glue sticks if you ask me...

But i digress..... the tires i ordered for the rototiller should be in tomorrow, and then i'll attack the garden, im also cutting it in half due mainly to we are all to busy to keep up with a gigantor garden again this year, and it used way too much water last year...(gotta savey da pennies).

it's a daunting task, but it also mellos me out, i can take my frustrations from the day out on the ground, and it doesnt talk back, it doesnt make excuses for not doing anything, it doesnt make excuses for being stupid clay... it's dirt...and what i am starting with (well started last year) is dead, and i helped bring life to it, a few more years and it'll actually be good stuff. so i gotta head out and get a ton(or few) of sand and get in there to help break up the clay, and then the manure and some topsoil of some sort work that all around, and hope that i can get some more worms from that one place and have them actually do something this year instead of die cuz they didnt wanna eat clay...(stupid worms.....) It should be an interesting gardening year... i have not a clue as to what the weather is gonna bring this year... it's started out effed up, but sometimes.... things turn around.


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