12 April 2011


all this negativity i think is getting to me.... look, im not gonna sugar coat it, like im some happy go lucky dude... cuz im a pessimist at heart...but that negativity isnt what gets me it's the animosity between friends, and family, that some people just can't GROW THE EFF UP, and let it go...is your life really that miserable that you cant move past a bad part of it and you have to dwell in it to make yourself feel better.... let's move on... or shut the eff up about it... that's the kind of negativity that just grinds at me, month after month i gotta hear about it...and like i said, it's rubbing me raw...

that's what makes me love fishing...(especially) alone, i dont have to hear anything but the wind blowing thru the trees, the splash of the lure bobber and worm hitting the water, the struggle of the teeny fish fighting for their lives (they are probably a lil negative bout the whole sitch, but they dont let on)

Today i got to go out to GPP once again and Joe and Brian, (a couple of guys from work) tagged along. two guys i never thought i'd be fishin with... it's funny ya know the small town life, all of us went to school togeher, and went on our seperate ways, at one time we all lived in tucson, brian even lived in the same apt complex as me at one point, but we didnt even intersect, til everything (crashed) around me, and crys and i moved back to SV. then i got the job on post, then joe got a job there, then a few months ago brian got a job there. crazy how small the world it is, ( and with that negative attitude mentioned above... probably wouldnt be fishin with these guys for some stupid reason)

and it was a decent fishin "trip" we all caught stuff. brian got all bluies, i got 3 lil catfish, and buncha bluies, and joe, he caught some bluies, then he caught some mystery fish, that his goofy self dropped, back into the water before he could take a pic (he was on the other side of the pond so couldnt rightly show us), but he thought it was either small mouth, i think more along the lines of crappie, but i didnt see it, so i couldnt say... all i know is that fishin is fun, no matter what i am catching. and there is nothing negative about catching fish!!!


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