13 April 2011

nope not this wednesday either

tonight i played out in the garden, shaping it into a garden (like in that sketch i showed a lil while ago) but i changed it up a bit. tonight i leveled it, raked the ...i dunno the edges ..(dikes to hold the water in) and made the cross paths in it to separate it into 4 distinct beds, one for corn, one fer maters okra and peppers...and the herb g-unit, and lastly the tater, and squasher area... hope this weekend (saturday AFTER work...{i hate that place for makin me be there yet another sat}) to get some plants in the ground maybe.... or maybe not.... i dunno.. i still have yet to run the water to the norther two beds, that'll be a cinch though.

hoping tomorrow everything goes smoothly at work, and i dont get too tuckered out, cuz i am plannin on goin to find some 'yotes to kill, and i say kill, cuz i wanna kill em, not hunt them, hunting leaves a opportunity for failure.... my last hunt was a failure... this one will bag some kind of mammal....gonna be takin the AR on it's first killin trip, so here's hopin that my aim will be good, and my feet wont be too tired!!!


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