27 April 2011

playin in the mud

tonight after a long day at work, and finding out that last saturday, WASNT in fact the LAST saturday to work...great...right... but on the flip side, it'll pay for a new set of tires for the caprice, and hopefully a cord of pecan for GRUNTER, and then some more to save for a house purchase at some point.

i said all that, to say i worked in the garden tonight, got watermelon, and squash planted, some onions, and basil, parsley, and the bell peppers, yellow chilis, green chilis, and jalepenos. i set up the sprinkler system for the norther two beds, it'll be nice once i dial it all in it's not too shabby now, we'll see tomorrow after work if i get even coverage, it got dark before i could get that test in, but we'll see.

i ordered up some alabama jumpers, they are an earthworm, that loves clay soil... they tear it up apparently, so i hope that they can tear this junk up!! i need to throw smore organic materiel in there to give them plenty of food, so they can give me plenty of poop!!


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