26 April 2011

im thinkin that this weekend is gonna be a shooting weekend,(hope the wind dies out), a dude at work got a new rifle, and wants to go, and i have a box of ammo, so i think it's a go! (unless the wind doesnt die out) but if the wind does stick around, my "hidden" mountain spot should provide a nice wind resistant shootin spot. i guess i need to get the camera batteries charged up, to shoot some video for another installment of BROTHERs SHOOTING SPORTS

so i gotta find something to shoot at too, hmmm there's that hunka aluminum in the bed of the truck, need some spray paint, so i can draw some targets on it. Im sure i could come up with some steel target of some sort, we'll see. Shootin metal is far more satisfying than shooting paper, as paper doesnt talk back, metal shore enuff speaks to me!!


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