24 April 2011

SUBstandards, SV's newest sub-joint

If ya wanted to try the afforementioned subjoint.... take my advice. Go to subway, buy a 5 dollar footlong, take one half of it and give it to the bum at the corner, and chow down on the rest and you'll still have more than you get at ss.... PLUS you'll get fresh bread, and in general a much more friendly environment (company policy or not it's friendly)

it seems the manager, or owner or whatever, decided that tonight wasnt the night to pay attention to the customers so the cook actually had to take our order and charge us out, Thanks for that, guy, you made the experience at least bearable.

the bread may have been fresh... but i doubt it, on top of being a shade of dark wheat on the outside (white bread) it was a lil lottabit overcooked, the stage before crouton i'd say, and the meatballs that crystal got... subpar... it's pretty bad that you can say subway's meatballs are better...but alas, they are... how can you serve a dry meatball sub?? i dunno ask the SS people, they've got it nailed.

i got the steak and pepper (which should be a no brainer on a cheesesteak but there are many options. i'll git to that in a bit.) it was tasty no doubt... but for almost 7 bux, i needed to be way bigger, with way more steak, less filler junk... i mean who puts lettuce on a cheesesteak??

rules for a cheesesteak should be BIG, MEATY, and CHEESY, with peppers and onions... period, on FRESH (or at least seemingly fresh and tasty) bread, this place makes the sandwich complicated, one with just peppers...(and lettuce...)... one with just onions....just plain difficult...and the lettuce...dumb...if ya dont know what a cheesesteak is, or should be GO TO PHILLY, if ya cant go to philly... GO TO GOOGLE!!!! look up cheesesteak, and copy it, and sell the heck out of it!!!

So in reality, i probably will try them again, maybe, i cant, and dont really judge a place by goin once, but i dont know if it will be for a long while....it's just sad....lettuce on a cheesesteak...what's this world comin to, that's like sprouts on a pulled pork sammich!!!!


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  1. I've heard that is exactly what they are SUBSTANDARD.... their subs anyway. Apparently their Greek Salad is top notch.

    I'll stick with Subway, thank you very much! :)