25 April 2011

It's on my brain again...

BUBBA STEW'S BBQ, that is, i want to get off the ground with it, so i went and started up a savings acct, so that i can actually, and thoughtfully put money away, to get this thing started, as well as start saving for a down payment on crys and I's first house... big goals i know, but shoot for the stars, and if i miss, maybe i'll hit the moon right??

the main goal of the business would be of course to feed people. from lunch time til early dinner time... i dont want to be an open late all week kinda joint... i also dont want to jump into the bandwagon, of "if you gonna have a restaurant, ya gotta have booze..." it's just not my thing, but there will be plenty of coke...acola...that is.... and crystal's requirement, there has to be Dr. Pepper.

the menu will be classic bbq, pulled pork, brisket, some kinda chicken, and maybe some tubular meat selection as well (smoked sausage...both spicy and sweet, you filthy minded individual). the question will be wether or not i go with an all out South Carolina style pulled pork with a vinegary sauce, or something else thicker and sweeter, or "dry" as in the customer puts on their own sauce. Brisket, there is no messin with brisket, it's gonna be served up sliced, (or as burnt ends) there will be no extra sauce, only the wonderful juices that are associated with a well cooked brisket!! and the chicken... will probably come in half and quarter chickens... i like it that way... might just have to create a kiddy menu for them dweebs that dont like bones in their chicken though.... weirdos...

but all in all i realize that the headache associated with owning your own business is immense... but it's also rewarding... i think, that the headache involved will be much less than the one i am dealing with now at work... plus there is nothing rewarding about what i do now.... one day we are at the bottom of the crap pile, then the next day we are smelling like roses... it's such an up and down crazy mess... owning my own gig would be a blessing


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