13 May 2011

i lied, i wont make up for it, i'll just confuse you.

that's what i have been messin with all night.... what is it you say??? its a picture of a 4link calculator, with which i am going trying to design a better suspension for my old truck, you know the same one that i got them hummvee wheels for that i showed ya the other day...well i didnt show you the ACTUAL wheels...those were in use, but the same type... you get it... if not.... meh...

there is some sorta magic googlymoogly that goes into a well performing suspension system. and i have no clue what it is... i only wish that a kit could be made for my truck so i could just weld it in place like TRAIL-GEAR has for toyotas. but alas, manufacturers dont think that us full size chevy guys would like to up our game.... ORD could step up, they are a great company pushing leafspring articulation to new levels when the came out with their SHACKLE FLIP KIT these guys even offer a front coilover kit... but nothing for the rear....what is it gonna take for these companies to realize that if they'd build it, we'd buy it, especially if it was affordable. Like Trail-Gear's kit, is 700 bones.... and saves alotta trouble, in "building" the system from scratch...

i plan on starting with a good lookin company called WFO CONCEPTS <<<<<<< that link over there (yeah all the funky colored words are usually links, you should click em all, thats why i put em there ;) ) will take you to a very well engineered truss/link bracket that i am gonna start my system with...already half way towards trailgear's kit, but i dont have a yota, so TG's stuff wont do me any good.

Just another thing to add to my dream list.....it's always something.


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