14 May 2011

saturday, interesting...hmmm

wanna see ugly?? well yer gonna

BOOM NOW THAT"S UGLY!!! that's also the truck i have been talkin about turnin into a decent rockcrawler, now that you know...you know.

today was filled with sleep.... til after 11am... and it was fantastic. i havent slept in on a sat in quite a few months...but after i woke up, i had to get out and miracle gro the garden and some of the other plants around the yard, check on em all and what not. they doin good...

then tonight comes along, while i am doin a practice cook to test out a mod to GROG, i ran across a tick tick tick noise....then it got faster, slower tickticktickticktick ...hmmm sounds familiar...but cant be......ticktickticktick.....hmmm so i move the soda fridge, and boom there the lil mutha is...a lil rattler....eh eh... not happenin in my back yard... so i go git a stick and it's killin time...took 5 min to get the lil effer dead, he kept goin under the fridge after i whacked him in the head so i had to move the fridge again, then the stick broked in half... but i got him, and promptly cut his lil head off, i may eff with a snake, but i dont eff with a dead snake venomous snake with a head on it.... eh eh... that's more dangerous than a live one, cuz one would get complacent....not me i chop the thing off, and trash it, or bury it....what ever i get the venom away from em.

then after that, i skinned it, gutted it, and cooked it, yep i cooked it, and i ate it, not gonna let it go to waste, and the BBQ was goin already anyways so it was a good opp.

now i know what you are gonna say..."did it taste like chicken" NO everything doesnt taste like chicken....it tastes like rattlesnake....if you havent you should try it, it's really very decent.this guy was a lil so very bony ( so is pretty much every other snake....), i scraped the meat off the ribs with my toofs. not much texture... not too much flavor... maybe later in the year, i can get a bigger one and i'll let ya know then...

if it werent for our lil dogs, i'd probably have just taken the guy out in the wash... but i cannot have em comin in here with our lil girls runnin around, a lil snake like this would kill our dogs in a single bite... and nothin we could do about it, and if a bigger one gets in, it could def eat the dogs... they arent much bigger than a cottontail ya know...


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