15 May 2011

im BAAAAAACK.... i never really went anywhere... back to BBQin though

today it was PULLED PORK!!!, i love it, it's probably my fave, maybe cuz it's the most forgiving, maybe cuz it can be prepared in many different ways, but it's my fave, i havent had (real BBQ) bad pulled pork...(none that stuck to my brains anyways...)

prepped the night before (while the chicken and rattlr was cookin) i injected with a mix of ...a glass ( dunno how many oz...) of apple juice, and a good heap of Yardbird no pics of that though... sorry...

after yesterday's baffle test, i knew today would be good, didnt think it would be as good as it was, but good nonetheless. before the baffle ANYTHING with grease would smother the lil baby mUDS fire, and then when i gave it some air to help clean it up WHOOOOOSH, over temp like a mutha!!!!

but today rocked. it held temp, bout 230-240 alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day....i started fire bout 830 minioned it up with a full basket, and lit up about 7 King briqs (BTW K Briqs are the ONLY thing this thing likes for constant temp.... went through 2 bags of lump... it dont like it... period...) @ 845 temp was up to 200.... so i capped the two 3/4 with the caps and let the 1" valve take over temp control duties.

at about 9:20 the meat went on rubbed down with plowboy's awesome Yardbird and a lil after 8 pm i took it off wrapped it in foil and let it rest in the cooler.

i am really very happy with the baffle i came up with yesterday, and it is now a fulltime part of GROG.


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