31 May 2011

it's the lil things in life

and today, it was my lil rc rockcrawler from MAISTO

i got it a while ago, but played it with it for a couple hours then i was finished, but "found" it in the car today, and busted it out to play with it again, and i remember why i spent the 29 bux for it. i chased the dogs with it, ( hilariously funny) and even now as i type crystal is tormenting them with it. totally worth the 30 bux, it's miserable on battery life... and there's the junk rx and tx.. (that's receiver and transceiver respectively) but it was 30 bux... thats the price of a decent servo... that cant torment dogs all by itself...

but it makes me want a decent one, it makes me wanna spend 300 bones on a pro...ish model, but just throw that in the pile of wants over there in the corner there. A gopro comes first, most def.


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