30 May 2011

Summer is here

Memorial day is "officially" the start of summer, to some it's all about the day off, it's about the grilling, (or Que'in) to me, it's all of that, it's the ABILITY to be able to do that because of the sacrifice thousands have made, to make this country what it is.

Today is a mixed holiday.... a two faced holiday if you will. to the point that we are celebrating, but we are also mourning, remembering the deaths of the fallen ones. But i will continue to remember their sacrifice through our ability to have the time, the ability to spend with our families.

To those who are left behind, i am sorry for our loss, for those who have passed, i thank you for your sacrifice.

On a happier note, today we set up the grapes on a healthier (read METAL not WOOD) posts in the ground so they quit fallin on the ground, man that thing is loaded with grapes!!! the garden is comin' along alright, except the corn... it's wimpy....brian's (POPS) corn is prolly a foot... foot and a half tall and mine are a measly 5 inches....and he planted AFTER me!!!!argh...

the peach trees are LOOO OO OOO OOADED... as are the apple trees!!!, it's gonna be off the chain come harvest season.... gonna can em up, freeze em down, dry em out. whatever it takes to utilize them all.


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