02 May 2011

monday is the day after sunday...

monday comes before tuesday, today is monday, and monday is almost over, thank goodness... cuz monday is the worst day of the week, but i spose if the week started tuesday, it would indeed be worst...but it's not, monday is the worst... i spose monday wouldnt be so bad if a person didnt work saturday, cuz workin saturday is kinda like havin two mondays... thus making tuesday monday, which really screws things up...

but being that i have been workin 6 days a week, i have been able to pay on bills that need to be paid on, to help keep my credit score above water (hopefully) as we are in the mix of TRYING to get a house of our own. a house and some acreage preferably, there is one in particular, but if it's HIS plan, it's not up to me in the grand scheme of things, but what ever is gonna happen, im ready to be a part of it.


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