01 May 2011

today was a big day!!!

i was gonna post tonight all about my ramblings of the day, went to check out the goodwill store and picked up some kool COKE glasses, kool for me YAY!

but then news of osama bin ladin being taken out. and i must admit, i am excited, this is a huge thing. a huge blow to their ego.... it will not be the end of anything. if anything this will have been like pouring gas on the fire, and let me tell you what, we just pissed off a buncha ants. BUUUUT, (im not preaching against it... no not in the least) BUUUUUUUUUUUTT, if they are pissed off ants now.... we will be the world's terminix, or if you prefer truly nolan. i hope this president is ready to squash some bugs, cuz they are a comin, i know our boys and girls in the 'forces are trained up and ready to do what they do, but the bammer's gotta be ready too.

speaking of bammer.... all over facebook tonight here and there, were people praising HIM... callin out the obama haters "what now, say somethin now Obama got osama"... that is not acceptable... not in the least. as i recall the oval office, is in the white house, which is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Washington DC... USA... and as i recall he is surrounded by armed guards, as far away from harm as a person could be. He did not do this, the Special forces guys that went in there and took out this turd did this, all the recon guy'n'girls in all the forces did this... bammer didnt do anything, and like the nobel prize, people give this to him for nothing....unacceptable.

now with that off my chest, i think i will open a nice cold COKE, pour it in one of my "new" glasses, and have a coke and a smile, OBL is dead...we can move on to the next scumbag.



  1. Agreed, give credit where credit is due. I`ll join you in a celebitory drink only make mine a cherry DP

  2. Thank you, KL. I totally agree with you. And another note to the Bush bashers.... again it had NOTHING to do with the Prez of the USofA, this term or last term.
    It has to do with timing, and them good ol' boyz'n'girlz out in the desert facing the sacrifice of everything they know to protect our country!

    God Bless the USA and God Bless our Troops!!!