22 May 2011

the SMOKERATOR is starting

got a bitta work done to the SMOKERATOR today, got it torn apart, this is gonna be fun.

first off it did have fiberglass insulation... so that means i gotta find a new insulation, any ideas?? i'd like to keep the current 3" layer, (just cuz that's why)unless i really really dont need it.

i'll let the pics tell the rest of the story.

this lil icebox, will be utilized somewhere else...

the back of the unit

gaaaa fiberglass... fml.... i hate FG....

see the lil guy (icebox to the left) that's just too cool to just trash... so i think i'll turn it into somethin to hold stuff... it's gonna be a cabinet or something,

forgot to take a pic before i pulled it all out, but there was 3" of that fiberglas mat all around the outside and bottom use yer imagination ;)

these are the dimentions that i am working with, (on the inside of course)

a little more figuring and scraping, scraping and figuring, cutting and grinding grinding and welding and i'll have a decent smoker me thinks.... it'll probably have a firebox built that can slide in underneath built of decent calibur thick metal...


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