21 May 2011


today WAS a big day!! i went and picked up the fridge that will become the FROKER...or SMOKERATOR.... whatever, it's in the back of the truck now!!! here it is!!

gonna start on it this week, gotta come up with a name fer it though...but after paint and what not....its gotta come from its character ya know....

I plan on paintin it io nice and pretty...thinkin either that new green color on the new camaros...or some orange, then I gotta come up with my bubbastewbbq logo and git that in there somewhere, and then get all the chrome restored.

Inside I'm planning hooks on the "ceiling" so if I wanna I can do sausage or somethin of the like, those will be removable (use threaded inserts and hook bolts) and I'll be lookin at stealing rack layout from one of the big makers.....any one got a fave maker whose racks just seem to be in the perfect place? Lemme know.

also today .....today which started at 5:30...AM.... so we could get over to Sunizona by 8....after that we headed to Tucsontown so that we could get some work clothes, as i have run mine pretty ragged. hit up cheese cake factory whilst we were in the mall area, and then headed to the best store in tucson, Sportsman's warehouse... i was lookin for cheap ammo... but there was none... it was lame... but i did find a grip for the AR, from MAGPUL <<<< click there to find out which one. it installed pretty simply, and makes a heckuva difference in the grip for me. and it's got the handy storage compartment for random crap that i might need to have in there...and on top of it all... it doesnt look half bad either.



i was hopin to get out and shoot this weekend, but the clothing allowance overtook the ammo allowance....so... it'll have to wait til later... responsibility....gotta start somewhere..



  1. I like those grips with I had one for my AR. Looking forward to more pics on the smoker build

  2. Now I'm kinda hungry for pulled pork and shooting.

  3. Thanks for keeping up with me, bbq and shooting, soon to come!!! I guess I gotta get busy