07 May 2011

so i didnt have to work today but i WORKED today...

not at the money payin job, but the money spending job... the garden job, i spent a whopping 30 bux today to get an overflowing truckbed fulla compost, that i should have gotten a long time ago lemme tell you!!! and i dont think that i got exactly what i paid for... more or less doesnt matter, it was 2 overflowing tractor scoops full...and apparently that (tractor scoop) is a cubic yard ...what ever, it smelled like it was good stuff, and well... the coming weeks will tell!!

As i put in the black soil(that's what im callin it....maybe even BS) i removed some of the crappy clay that i have been complaining about all this time, and up to 10 feet away i was finding worms!!!! jerry @ THE WORM DUDE did me right!!! these things are tearin it up!!!! hope they will be a lil happier with some MORE dead plant material to munch on besides the clay.

But in getting two ft. cu. i should have only gotten one... but i will put the stuff to good use elsewhere in the yard.. but whilst i crystal and i were shoveling it outta the truck i was cursing the extra cube... after unloaded we went and did the biweekly store runs got our groceries, nothing special there...OH..

We did git up earlier to get the truck off to a tire rotate, and oil change, and after that hit up the Sierra Vista Farmer's Market as they added a day, since i cant get to it on thurs due to the 4 letter word, we went, and it was.... small.. it was the first saturday, so not many vendors were there, which i hope changes, once summer growing season comes in full swing, and kids are outta school, parents can get away and come and visit, and show these local's that their efforts are appreciated.

i for one, WANT to change my eating habits... no i dont plan on goin on a diet, no i dont plan on adding strenuous excercise to my daily habits... but i want to get back to a more natural food... i think that all of these easy foods with all their processed nasties is what is "making" america Fat...(other than the fact that people cant keep their grubby paws off the bearpaws, or get outta the house) it's said that this is the fattest the country has ever been, it's also a fact it is now the EASIEST to get food now... the EASIEST to get things done now, heck you dont even have to peel your arm from the keyboard to pick up the remote to turn on the TV to watch the news... you barely have to move your eyeballs to the next window and see what is goin on....i love that.. but i dont love this food.... not in the least.. i eat it yea, it's put in front of me, im gonna chow down...(there's starving kids in africa...didnt you know) but i wish i could get those around me to take a step towards not being so lazy, and plan ahead with a full home cooked, with raw ingredients, not processed frozen pop in the oven til it's done and stuff you face....but, everyone is to "busy" for that...

the entire country is "too busy" i think we as a society ARE to busy... we are doing more now in a day than probably we did in 3 days even ten years ago...it's insanity i tell ya, insanity... but it is no excuse...no excuse for bad food...no excuse for bad for you food. Why am i so wrapped around the axle on food? (well you are a fat arse kev)...no thats not it... would you intentionally pay to watch a bad movie...would you pay for an ugly shirt (many do... but they are douchebags anyways) an average of 3 times a day we eat, from 15min -2 hours each... why not enjoy those moments with a decent meal that will do good for the body, not something that is slowly killing ya....all these preservatives, and other such chemicals cant be good... i mean if ya cant pronounce it... why are we eating it?

As much as i hate the whole hippie/vegan organic movement... they got the part right about not wanting the chemicals in thier food..(the not eating meat part....WTF mate!!!) i do not want fully organic blah blah... sure no chemicals...but it's a real PITA.... gotta find this instead of that to kill bugs, gotta find that instead of that to fertilize it, such and so fourth...i like what miracle gro does for my plants, ima use it..so sue me, but at the same time, i'd rather use a better "organic" pesticide.... cuz DDT effs ish up!!! I'd rather have a nice healthy fattened up cow than some skinny ethiopian AZ "grass fed" cow... THIS IS AZ THERE IS NO GRASS!!!!!... but that's what i think about that.


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  1. I agree with the "food in a box"....

    I had a friend slightly amazed, but more aghast that I cook "Hamburger Helper" type meals in addition to all the other meals I cook... from scratch! ;)

    It's not that hard... It's healthier.... and it's CHEAPER!