06 May 2011

guess what??

i dont gotta work tomorrow!! i get to sleep in, and i will!! then we'll be off to check out the farmers market, gotta get the tires rotated on the truck, it also needs an oil change....so i guess i will be workin....just not gettin paid for it...:-\.... funny how things work eh??

tonight was a dinner with a few of crys' friends, it's good to get out with "adult kids" our age. this has been the second time we've done a dinner with em, and i'll gladly do it again. tonight was "tamale meatloaf" which instead of bread crumbs, or oatmeal, tortilla chips are used givin it kinda a tamaleish taste, which was very plesant, and i think i may just have to have crystal steal that recipe for me.

on that note, it's bed time, all the way past 630, past 7 even, i'll take it all the way past 9 if i can.


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