04 May 2011

this fire is outta control!! no not here in SV but closer to the mexican/american border town of nogales, az see that?? that's smoke from as seen from space..... stuupid smoke....

but all of that smoke, is blowin straight this way, and today was an extremely smokey day... the mountains were completely shrouded by it, i imagine if a californian came out this way they'd feel right at home. but it does make for some nice photo ops like my PHOTOG SIS has found out

i was feeling pretty "adventuresome" tonight and decided to check out our new Food Co-op here in town. I was pleasantly surprised. they had a decent stock of stuff that i would actually use, and i plan to shop there for the things i need, and as they come into their own and find out what the customers really want, here's hoping they will get even more good stuff.

Some of the stuff they have are a nice selection of locally made salsas, BLUE SKY sodas, buncha hippy food ( stuff im not into being ...soy stuffs, meatless "meat products"... that kinda junk) they have a nice selection of gluten free stuff, and i even found one bag of Mesquite pancake mix, being i have been lookin for a place to get some mesquite flour, i think these guys are gonna be able to hook me up with a connection.

there is also a nice selection of organic stuff, i think that this is it's main draw. with the amount of unknown chemicals goin into our food these days, i know that I wanna get back to where good food was good cuz it was real...they have organic chips, and milk and of course veggies, they have organic flours, and other baking additives.

So yea i will be back, and i am hoping that i dont work this weekend so that i can visit our farmer's market, that just added another day to it's schedule on Saturday, the other day is thursday... and with that four letter word....WORK, i just couldnt ever make it there.. im glad i made it out to the CO-OP today, and i hope that you'll hit them up when you are in town too.


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