20 May 2011

tomorrow is the "big Day"

headin over to sunizona, to pick up my Froker... err... that fridge i told ya bout couple days ago, that i am gonna turn into a smoker. we'll be leavin town @630ish for there, in hopes of getting there by 8, then off to the big city. my work clothes have been run ragged, and it's time for some new dickies... as once again Sierra Vista disappoints again in not having what i need... big surprise eh??

long week at work... and seems like it's gonna be a long summer too.... in that we were told OT is back and mandatory for June and July.... fanfrighin tastic... guess my summer is gonna be bland as usual...no BBQ comps, no fishing trips... no camping....Thanks Work... i appreciate it... but i also appreciate having a job, so i'll do it with my mouth shut like a good lil worker bee....worthless and expendable as i can be!!

here's to Getting the BBQ off the ground, so that i can be my own boss... and here's to BBQ in general!! speaking of Que.... i hope i can hit up on of my BBQ places that i enjoy in tucson, im thinkin a HOG PIT visit is in order, if you havent tried them and you are in the tucson area, you are not WINNING... you are infact... a fail... poor you...


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