17 June 2011

Another rough day dealing with this fire in our mountains...

A separate fire popped up on post due west of moms place...and the wind was flowin straight her way, so already on pre-evac....they now HAD to GTFO!!! I guess there is a reason for havin so many kiddos, the sis' (bof em) and tyler were able to get over there and git the important stuff moved over to ne's place.

That was taxing to say the least not knowing what was goin on....and from my vantage point it looked way worse than it was. They got the post fire (Antelope fire if you will) under control, bout 1000 acres(according to Inciweb ) of grassland scorched, maybe this will be beneficial later when the monument fire gets over that far...we'll see.

Right now however as I get ready for bed so I can go to work tomorrow :/......i am enjoying some coconut fudge icecream... Mmmmm


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