16 June 2011

today the fire got horrible, it jumped the highway and headed straight for homes. homes of friends, and coworkers... all around no good. i wish them the best in the days ahead.

on another note, tragedy brings out the worst and best in people. it brings out the best in our lil community, we have pulled together like crazy to help out as much or lil as each person can.

but with it comes the worst too... some people are so focused on....stuff they are focused on that they stray away from the most human of emotions goes out the window, when people need to help people in an emergency, that's what needs to happen... they need to go help. the "mission" can and needs to be set aside ( at least for a minute) to take care of those around.

i dont know what my future holds, but i hope that it doesnt include working for a group of people that dont care about their employees.... it's not how i roll, another reason to get the BBQ off the ground, so in an emergency i can help out, (which i would gladly cook for them guys) and work for myself, and show that humanity that a person should show everybody, at all times especially in times of great need like our lil community is dealing with right now.


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