03 June 2011

another thing i gotta fix...

yesterday the lil'r twin sister wanted nachos....but sierra vista doesnt seem to like nachos cuz there really isnt a decent nacho to be found... which led me to thinkin, that I WILL be adding a nacho item to the menu when i open the BBQ JOINT.

ever since we went to the JW Marriot @ starr pass and had their nachos (both chicken and beef) i have craved THEIR nachos everytime i crave nachos. the beef is brisket ( i think) and the chicken is ...well chicken... and the cheese... is AWESOME smoked white cheddar cheese turned into a wonderful creamy sauce.

so that's what i wanna bring to SV, a great nacho that (when people crave nachos) people will crave!! one day it'll happen. I will make it happen!


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