02 June 2011

the warmth is appreciated

so i go out to the garden this morning, and BOOOM SHAKALAKA!!! stuff is bangin along. it's been a bit unseasonably cool this whole year, and it's startin to warm up, and i think that the plants are really appreciating it. on top of the coolness, it's been HORRIBLY WINDY!!! just miserable....

Ive gotta add a couple more sprinkler heads to the tater, and herb garden just to spread the H2oey love around more better like. so went to lowes and picked up smore 1/4" tubing, and a dozen minus 2 sprinklers, that's set for tomorrow. also picked up some alaska fish fertilizer stuff to get some organical (yeah i just made that word up) junk in the ground, cuz i gotta fertilize the crap outta this ground, gotta mix it up between the AWESOME miracle gro and (again) organical goodness....also, no weed control cept my two hands... and bug control.... so far the wind is takin care of that, but again.... i want to keep the 'cides outta my garden... just gotta eliminate the nasty chemicals that are so often in our food.

that's it for tonight boys and girls.


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