09 June 2011

eh...then OH YEAH!!

the other day i mentioned that we need to enjoy the lil things...

and tonight i found out we're getting a wood fired pizzeria here in our neck of the woods!!!

Now i like pizza... but i LOVE brick oven pizza (with fire or not ) but i FREAKIN LOVE wood fired brick oven pizza.

I hope that PIZZERIA MIMOSA can live up to my standards, see im a lil bit of a foodie so if they can help the foodie cravings that SV leaves empty, i will be a happy man!!

I hope that they will keep locals in mind when it comes to produce, as our lil part of the world has some pretty tasty veggies and whatnot!



  1. Food snob, eat your soggy pizza and enjoy it!

  2. Hey BoB, thanks fer stoppin by, but now that a wfbo (wood fire brick oven) pizzeria is comin to town I don't gotta choke down that junk anymore!

  3. Thanks for the buzz, Kevin! We are excited to meet you!

  4. no problem!! im excited to get some great Pizza!! stick around, and you'll get my lil POV on the SV area