10 June 2011

work tomorrow... which is saturday...which is lame...

BUT the house dream is lit up again, cuz the house we were lookin at is back on the market, and it's still a heck of a buy. and if we were to get it we'll have plenty of room for ANYTHING we could think of doin. The Garden of gardens i could have out there, the trees i could grow out there, the rockcrawlers and hotrods i could build there.... oh and THE BBQ i could cook, with no one NO ONE to complain ( not that anyone does ) about QUE smoke and late night happenings.

Crystal could have her pups, not to hoarding standards, but a collection, and they'd have plenty of room to run, i'd be able to have a decent run for my dream dog the IRISH WOLFHOUND!!!

but in the more near future, i've almost got enough saved for the GOPRO, just gotta wait til it comes in offa back order thru SIERRA CYCLES so the countdown to the 23rd june countdown is happenin, cuz it's time for me to have one!!! and if you have the faceyspace, and you are in the area, and into two wheeled motorized vehiculars and are not a fan on FB of them you should. they've gotta really fun triva special goin on, and ya just might get a prize if you get the correct answer, so go, be a fan of Sierra Cycles

well it's time to get outta here, and hit the rack.



  1. wait wait wait wait... YOU'RE getting a cool something on MY birthday?!?! No deal. You have to wait a day. hahaha

  2. Well jodi @ sierra cycles says that's estimated date of shipment...cuz they are on backorder