09 July 2011

it's been a minit since i hit yall up

but ive been tired, so i know you've missed me, but im back.

Last night and tonight both crystal and i watched some movies on le ole bluray, friday night it was ironman dos, which was a great flick, not sure if it kept along the comics or not, but it had everything i needed to keep my interest the whole time!!

and tonight we watched Battle: Los Angeles, which was intense, from the getgo! if we ever get invaded by aliens... i really hope that the military takes notes from movies like these, they seem to make sense. for me the movie was superb, but crystal is brain damaged, and didnt like it... she was bored during it... craziness i tell you... but i tell you what, more ammo....stock up as with zombies.... rule #2 applies.... double tap.

for now that's it.


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