07 July 2011

YAY!!! rifle parts!!!


today i got my parts from BRAVO COMPANY USA and quick too, i ordered monday ( which of course is the best birthday of the year) and i got it today, pretty good for being a holiday week i must say.

I ordered up that charging handle i popped up the other day, and a few more p-mags from MAGPUL in my opinion ( what lil it matters) is one of the best mags on the market today. now my grand total is up to 6... i need 5 more to fill all the holes in my vest with them that would be 330 rounds on my chest... well my belly really, it's a lotta real estate to fill up!!

i cant wait to get out and put this charging handle thru my ringer, i may not be the most experienced AR slinger, but i can do what i see being done, and i can run it thru what I need it to do, and if it, and i succeed at that, then it works, and it'll do what i need it to do, when i need it to do it, that's all im after.


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