31 July 2011

that's what i did today. Along with church, and the lazing about that comes on a sunday, i wanted to play with the bow... which was/ is WAY out of aim... and i need to play with it a lil more to dial it in, along with dialing myself in.... ( first bow ya know) i dont even really know how to shoot it... but i kept it in the foam.... after i lost an arrow shooting over the target...( bad first shot due to the sight being way too low. but i adjusted, and made it better...not perfect but better, now i need to move the sight up on the bow, so i'll have to re aim it tomorrow. it's a truglo (which is a pretty decent sight) and there are multiple holes on the bow to hard mount it, then it also has micro adjustments where i can adjust windage, and elevation on the fly. if i move up one holeset on the bow and move the micro adj down i'll be good... and then it's practice, practice practice.

On top of the ole bow getting stretched out, here's hoping i might be able to go shootin' at the range later this week.


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