06 August 2011

The "big city"

we went on a trip to the big city today, mostly to check out the wholesale stores to get me a lil bit cheaper meat to get off the ground with BUBBA STEW. first however we hit the book store.

Borders was first they are on their way out of business so decent sales are to be had, but they didnt have the book i wanted. .... ok not really... but life moves on. next it was lunch time so we hit the MIMI's CAFE... which for a chain place is pretty decent.. TRY IT..

then on to the first of the wholesalers... Sam's Club. i brought along my KCBS card cuz it has the potential ( if the people know what is goin on) to get me a day pass free.... but turns out today was an open house... this could be good. buuuuuut... prices there were a dollar less.... than i can get in town, which isnt worth the 80 mile drive to the closest Sams.. ( they are supposedly goin to be building one here buuuuuuuuttttt...)so sadface again.... oh well.... again life moves on.

on to barnes and noble the two story wonder book store, im notta bookie...( that is a nerd that reads books....) no offense to my sis (she loves books, all kinds of books, books on tape, books on CD books on her nook...or is it kindle...or... e reader) but i read my share of books in high school... then i found... MOVIES, i dont care if they dont keep to the book, cuz they look cool on the screen and my brain doesnt have to work!! i like that.

but i digress, im lookin to get a book, so i found the book i wanted. happy face again. mission accomplished.

now on to the final event of the day, Costco... i love Costco, it's big, like me. It has big things. i like big things......er..... disregard that last comment.... DELETE IT FROM YOUR BRAIN. dangit... now i need to flashy thingy....all my readers 7 people.....

so what did the Costco have, they have meat, at better prices than sams, but still not enough to make it worth while to go up every week to get meat.... but they do deliver, and that is cool, so i gotta see if they deliver this far. if not they still have many more options than sams did and have a great online selection to offer. so we went ahead and got the executive membership, and i plan to use it!!


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