18 August 2011

Thursday is farmer's market day

so i went, and i enjoyed, and i partook of the market. got some bread from the bread guy, who also passed off some of his grapes to me, which were nice, couldnt tell ya what kind they were, but they were good.

Then i hit up the mesquite flour lady... if you havent tried it, mesquite ( peruvian to be specific) flour is .... interesting... it's like nothing i have ever tried before...but very familiar tastes... hints of ginger... then it rolls back a lil bit and there's a cinnamon tint to the flavor, along with a certain nuttyness, im gonna experiment throwin some in a rub and see what i can come up with i think it would be good on ribs. if ya wanna small sample leave me a comment, or email me ( follow the "VIEW MY COMPLETE PROFILE" link over there >>>>>>>>>

so i got bread, mesquite flour, and hummingbird feeders... you didnt tell us about hummingbird feeders!!!??? you're right i didnt, yet.. jeeze you are impatient. right, you remember that "lil" fire we had a few months back well seems a big H-Bird feeder making company called down to see what the dealeo was on the H-Bird's habitat was, and of course torched, so to help out the H-birds they sent out 25000 bux worth of feeders and nectar to help keep them on their feet...the birds that is... so i got a couple, and already them savage lil birds are gulping down the sugary goodness, entertaining me for hours at a time watching them dogfight each other protecting their territory... good times.

that was about it for my day, it ended with a nice chicken noodle soup that i made for dinner tonight, a nice simple meal, Chicken, carrots, Celery, red taters ( outta my garden no less) and noodles. the obligatory Sea salt and coarse ground black pepper, quarter of an onion ( again from my garden) and oh i dunno bout 4-6 cloves of garlic. all in one pot, all in all best Chicken noodle soup i have ever made.


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