17 August 2011

WTF did i Go??

dudes and dudettes... all 5 of you, i am failing at keeping up with the blog... shame on me... but being laid off.... there's nothing to tell you about.... AT ALL!!! i've been playin' with the gopro a bunch and i hope to get out and shoot some film electrons (digital camera DUH!!!) and bullets... but when...and with who... EVERYBODY is at work... such is the life i spose.

i long for a reality break for a minit... at least... but it's not happenin... since i've been laid off, things all around are goin Kaput... servers at the church exploding everywhere... (ok they didnt really explode) crashed out servers are a bummer, and i dont even work there...

tryin to get the BBQ off the ground, is taxing my brain. the plight of the small business man freaks me out, the money im gonna have to up front to get everything goin' is outta control...where's that winning lotto ticket when ya need it???

one thing for sure is that when i look around and see all my family that are here to support me.... oh wait.. not all of em.. most of MY family is in Minn cuz Great Gramma passed ( another thing to add to the bummer list since the layoff) crystal is a solid rock for me, keeping me from totally losing it (thanks Babe!!!)

well im done fer now, we'll see if i can keep it up (the blog duh) the next few days Months.


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