02 September 2011


Plink plink plink, well actually more like a bangpling bang plink bang plink, oh the sound of bullet hitting steel is such a rewarding noise. up til now however i've been limited to paper which sounds like bang.......nothing... no rewarding sound, and if it's a decent ways away, ya cant really see what youve done til ya get up there to change out the target.

with steel however, you hear every hit with of course a resounding PLINK!! yesterday i got up the gumption to go and get some FREE scrap steel and went to hardware store and picked up 20 bux worth of rebar, and i went to town buildin away.

i hope to get out and try this thing out soon, it's mainly a pistol target, i'd really need armor steel (AR500 or somethin of the like) for rifles but that costs bookoo bux...that i dont have ya know being unemployed and junk.

i made it portable, in that it comes apart in total of 8 parts, 5 targets and 3 peices of support structure. so if i had to i think i could load into a car to get out to a range to shoot. all of the targets are free swinging, this will help distribute the force and let the plates last a lil longer, and also it gives an added element to shooting, being that shooting a moving target is just that much harder.

with out further ado, my new target(s)


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