09 September 2011

rain rain rain!!!

it's about time we got a nice rain, since about 2pm it's been rainin decent. it's 930 now and it's still comin down, this should make a nice dent in our rain deficiency.

other than that, not much has been goin on, except the explosion of pain in my mouth. All caused by a bad tooth, but here's to the medicine im takin to knock out the infection just long enough for the dental ins to come into effect, and i can get a perm fix.

i've also branched out onto the twitter, mostly to secure my name for BubbaStewBBQ <<<<<< click there if ya wanna follow me and watch me be a twit. But mostly it's going to be a great (i think) Free advertising avenue, i'll be able to tell people where i'll be, when i'll be there how long i'll be where ever i'll be, and what i'll have with me. and i've also been makin more videos over on my youtube channel too so check it out if ya would and drop me a line, lemme know how/ if you even do like what you see there, check it here >>>>

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